Sunday, February 21, 2016

Day 9: Manual Round 2

     After finally figuring out all the settings on my camera, I decided to give manual another shot. Instead of taking pictures of my dogs, however, I took pictures of the plants in my yard. I figured this would be easier because plants don't move when you're trying to take a picture of them. I basically did trial and error. I would guess what I thought would work, and then adjust my camera accordingly. I ended up getting a lot of pictures that were either too bright, or too dark, but I did get a lot that I was happy with. I was also really happy because I was able to see firsthand what each setting on my camera controlled.
     Since I was feeling really confident, I decided to do a small photo shoot with my sister, Sydney. I really liked using my sister as a model because she's really photogenic. She also doesn't act all weird in front of the camera the way other people do. In addition to her being a good model, she likes it, so it was easy to get her to participate. I'm extremely happy with my results from today. I'm also really thankful my sister was patient enough to let me fix the settings on my camera multiple times for each picture.

Pics from today:

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