Saturday, March 5, 2016

Day 11: Photoshoot Round 2

     My favorite day out of this project so far was hands down taking pictures of my sister, Sydney. I really liked exploring places in my neighborhood to shoot at, especially with her. We had a lot of fun our first photoshoot, so we decided to do another one. We went to a lot of the same places we did for the first one, but we had more time this time around, so we explored some new places along the way. I've decided (for now) that taking pictures of people is my favorite. One thing that makes our photoshoots so fun is that we take a lot of silly pictures along with serious pictures. Sydney and I both had a lot of fun today, and I'm really happy with the pictures I took. I can definitely see improvement, which makes photography even more fun for me.

Pics from today:

and here are some funny ones:

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