Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Day 16: Major Video Struggles

     To present my project, I decided to make a video showing what I did and some of the pictures I took. I was having a really tough time with the audio, but I finally got it. Overall, I spent nearly 10 hours over a week putting the video together and editing it. I finally finished it last night at about 8:00. It was a bit longer than I wanted it to be, but I was really happy with how it turned out. I was so proud of it, I decided to show my whole family before I put it on YouTube. They all liked it a lot too. After showing it to my family, I tried to upload it from my iPad. I had edited the video on iMovie on my iPad. I got a message that said I didn't have enough storage to upload it. So I thought, "Okay, no problem. I'll just delete some of the videos off of my camera roll." That is probably the worst decision I have ever made in my entire life. After deleting the videos off of my camera roll, I went back to iMovie to try and upload it again. This time I got a message saying some of the videos were missing, so I couldn't upload it. Panicking, I went to see if they were in my recently deleted, but they weren't because I didn't have enough storage for the videos to go there. I have never been more mad at myself in my entire life.
     After spending 3 hours and 300 dollars on recovery software that didn't even work, my dad emailed my teacher. I was a little pissed off that my dad emailed my teacher without asking me, because it probably should have been me that emailed him. Luckily, my teacher was very understanding and is now giving me until the end of spring break to get the video uploaded.

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